For a safe and clean city

Making a sustainable difference

At Hvidtved Larsen we believe quality is a basic principle, and every day we ensure that our products, the working environment and safety at our premises around the world create the foundation to deliver an outstanding experience to our colleagues, partners and customers. 

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We are certified by Achilles under the Utility Vendor Database (UVDB) assesment with a perfect score on Quality, Health, Safety, Environment and Corporate Social Responsibility:

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Our Policies, targets and objectives

At Hvidtved Larsen, we aim to achieve the highest standards of both Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) by incorporating the principles of sustainable development throughout our premises around the world.


Read our policy, objectives and targets


Read our policy, objectives and targets

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Health and Safety

Read our policy, objectives and targets


Read our policy, objectives and targets

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Quality, Health, Safety and Environment

Our activities are characterized by the efficient use of water, raw materials and other natural resources and we work continually to improve our services, production machinery and production processes in relation to quality, environmental impact and working environment. 

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our social responsibility is reflected in our CSR policy that is based on the impact that we have on employees, the environment and society.

Colleagues, society, and environment

Over the last couple of years, clean and fresh water has truly become a scarce resource. As the scarce water resources have made headlines, maintaining the sewer and drainage network all over the world continues to be a vital task. 


To ensure a safe and clean city for everyone, we strive to deliver an outstanding experience to colleagues, partners and customers. We are committed to training employees in the Quality, Health, Safety and Environment procedures, strengthening our internal competencies by education and development and complying with the principles in our Code of Conduct.



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With insufficient water resources, new technologies such as water recycling systems and fuel efficiency configurations have become pivotal parts of our products. Since we launched our first water recycling equipment in 1985, we have worked hard to ensure a sustainable operation in keeping a safe and clean city. 

The RECycler® unit is equipped with water recycling system that continuously cleans the jetting water. This means that the jetting water can be reused immediately, turning water refilling and transport to an absolute minimum. 


Limiting footprint

Our responsibility for the environment is a central part of our everyday lives. In order to meet our high standards, we carefully select suppliers and materials, as well as follow well-documented procedures. We do this to ensure that everything that leaves the factory meets our quality standards and makes a difference to the environment. 

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On an everyday basis, we are at the forefront with the legislative requirements that are set to us as a production company. This ensures that our facilities are not only among the most environmentally friendly in the market. It also ensures that we as a company have a high level of safety, a good working environment and well-being among employees.


Participate in one of the biggest communities for sewer cleaning units and experience the industry from the first row.



With a sewer cleaning unit from Hvidtved Larsen, you won't be compromising. Neither in regards to working conditions for operators, accessibility of components, quality, efficiency, environmental footprint nor service. Our mission is to offer our customers the best product and the best service available.

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No matter if you're looking to explore the opportunities with a sewer cleaning unit from Hvidtved Larsen, if you have questions to an invoice or if you're looking for information on accessories, we're happy to help you.

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