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Get access to a worldwide network and maintain your sewer cleaner's performance, protect warranty and increase residual value. Simple, easy and safe.

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We've built your sewer cleaner and know it better than anyone else. We set high-quality standards for our products and the customer experience after delivering the sewer cleaner. We proud ourselves on securing an outstanding aftersales setup that actually works. With Hvidtved Larsen, you get an impressive service network. You get a wide range of original spare parts and accessories that fit your sewer cleaner. And then you get access to our Global Technical Support who can help you get quickly back on the road.

Get help from After Sales

Contact one of our skilled colleagues in After Sales Support and get back on track

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Get access to a wide range of services making your everyday life more efficient

Product Training

Get access to more than 100 years of literacy and unique training facilities

Upgrade your ride

Get access to a wide range of accessories - no matter where in the world you operate

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Global Support

Everyone can have doubts. Our Global Support is ready to answer your and our Service Engineers' questions. This way, we ensure the fast and most efficient route to get the sewer cleaner back on track. No matter if a sewer cleaner is out of operation in Southern Europe, if a colleague needs help or if a spare part needs immediate delivery, we'll always find a solution.

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World's best

The world's best customer experience begins with a great handover. When we deliver a sewer cleaner, we always carefully instruct the customer in operation and maintenance. Our ultimate goal is to ensure you know the sewer cleaner and feel comfortable in operating the unit safely and efficiently.

If you visited one of our Service Centers, we always go through the sewer cleaner with you. And when you pick it up again, we go through the work we have done. This way we make sure we have met your expectations and that you are satisfied.

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Super service

Service is more than a fine piece of craftsmanship. It is a matter of trust. At Hvidtved Larsen, we have kept sewer cleaners running for many years. Actually since 1960. We're ambitious on your and your sewer cleaner's behalf, and our mission is to ensure you a world-class customer experience.

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Find a service center near you

There is always a service center near you. And if you are not able to go to one of our service centers, we have dedicated and talented colleagues ready to respond quickly to help you get back on track.


Stay updated

Meticulous training is our mantra. In addition to the product training when delivering a unit to a customer, we arrange three yearly operator's courses. At these courses, operator's get new and useful knowledge that can be directly applied to their working days. Courses include a beginner's course for new operators, a course for experienced operators and a jetting course, focusing on the complex service line structure underground. In teams, operators will work with other operators on a set of tasks enabling them to better connect theory and practice.


The right part

In our Spare Part & Accessories Department, we support customers and colleagues all over the world. We have high standards for both spare parts and accessories. This enables you to perform efficiently and rest assured that what you are using is in order. At our warehouse, we carry a wide selection of spare parts and an impressive selection of accessories - both developed and manufactured to comply with our quality standards.

Want to know more?

What was it he told me? What doesn't it do like I want it to? And how can I get a hold of that part? It's normal to have doubts, but luckily the help is within reach. We're ready at the phone to help you.

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No matter if you're looking to explore the opportunities with a sewer cleaning unit from Hvidtved Larsen, if you have questions to an invoice or if you're looking for information on accessories, we're happy to help you.

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