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Our training operations bring you and your colleagues up to date on the new technology and ensure you have the necessary knowledge to get the most of your sewer cleaning unit

From theory to practice

At Hvidtved Larsen, we have a great training environment at our disposal that we use in equipping our customers with both theoretical - and most importantly - practical knowledge. Our ambition is to offer a range of training courses that ultimately ensure operators get to know their sewer cleaning unit thoroughly. Actually, in details to improve everyday procedures and the bottom line.


Boost bottom line

Continuous training of operators is a unique chance to get updated on technology. Equipment used today is technologically advanced and in order to operate the units optimally, safely and environmentally sustainable, it is central to stay updated. This makes sense - both on a daily basis, but also on the bottom line. Each training session is finished with a digital test that automatically issues a diploma and stores information in a database.

What kind of training?


Delivery of new unit

The world's best customer experience begins with a great handover. When we deliver a sewer cleaner, we always carefully instruct the customer in operation and maintenance. Our ultimate goal is to ensure you know the sewer cleaner and feel comfortable in operating the unit safely and efficiently.

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Get updated

Today, sewer cleaners are a technologically advanced piece of engineering. Making sure the unit performs optimally attending to fuel, time and environmental impact is a demanding, but also crucial task. And occasionally, everyone needs an update in order to break through of old habits and make sure you are following the right path. With changes in engineering, technology, and applications, we offer comprehensive product re-training intended to enable you to get the most of your unit.


Participate in one of the biggest communities for sewer cleaning units and experience the industry from the first row.


Our service centers or your company?

Training can take place at our Service Centers, your company or on a job site. No matter the location, we make sure you know the sewer cleaner and feel comfortable in operating the unit safely and efficiently. 

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