50 years of coorperation


50 years of cooperation

At the time when Hvidtved Larsen provided yet another unit for the Danish company Ringsted Slamsugning at Friday November 2nd, it occurred at a private event to indicate 50 years of cooperation.

Ringsted Slamsugning offers effective solutions for even the most complicated cleaning and maintenance jobs for sewer cleaning in Denmark.

“With many years of experience in the industry we’ve witnessed a lot, thus we know how the tasks are done” says the manager at Ringsted Slamsugning; Morten Pedersen. He adds: “therefore it is important for our company that our units are secured great performance and that we have access to quick and competent service”.

The cooperation among Ringsted Slamsugning and Hvidtved Larsen has been valuable for both companies. “Ringsted Slamsugning is front edge regarding technology and solutions, which contribute to both the bottom line and the environment” says Thomas Bonnichsen, Sales Manager at Hvidtved Larsen. As he had worked a lot of years in the industry, Morgen Pedersen and his colleagues know how the tasks are done most effective. “It means a lot to us, that our customers are taking part of the development and improvement of our products, so that we continuous push the boundaries in the industry” Thomas Bonnichsen adds.

The delivered unit is a customizes SLP 412 PED equipped with a wide range of details, which makes the workday as effective as possible.