Thomas Bonnichsen

Head of Sales & Service - Nordic
190814 Henrik Doolewerdt 0019 Web

Henrik Doolewerdt Kristensen

Area Sales Manager, Municipal - DK
190814 Finn Bjerglund 0019 Web

Finn Bjerglund

Area Manager - DK & NO
Stefan Hendriksen.jpg

Stefan Hendriksen

Area Manager - DK & SE
Jacob Grindsted.jpg

Jacob Grindsted

Global Sales Manager - Used Units
190814 Martin Munksø Rolle 0012 Web

Martin Munksø Rolle

Nordic Sales Manager - Used Units
190814 Nete Rasmussen 0018 Web

Nete Rasmussen

Global Sales Support - Used Units
190814 Preben Olsen 0020 Web

Preben Olsen

Sales Support - SE, AU & Eastern Europe
190814 Hans Henrik 0016 Web

Hans Henrik Hansen

Technical Sales Support Manager


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