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CityFlex® 204

CityFlex® 204

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The city center's favorite

Thanks to its size and legal payload, the CityFlex® 204 makes it easy to conquer the city centre.
The unit got lots of storage and is easy to set up, which optimises the workday.


Security prioritized

The CityFlex ® 204 is equipped with both rotating beacons and working lights. This does not only make it easier to work afternoons and night shifts, but also safer.
Besides the working light and rotation beacon, the CityFlex® 204 is equipped with sidelights and reflectors.


Competitive edge

Thanks to its size, the CityFlex® 204 makes it work in narrow streets in the city center or reach those places harder to reach.
The units low weight and height gives you a competitive edge, thus it allows you to go into those city sections with limitations on height, weight and environmental footprint.


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