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FlexLine® 413

FlexLine 413 for Sejersten Kloak Service A/S

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A delight to see and experience

The unit is not just one of the most flexible sewer cleaners, but also one of the most powerful.
Focusing on optimising work procedures and the bottom line, the unit is constructed to enable a fast setup. This means operators are enabled to quickly start working on the site, but also to more quickly on to the next job.



Nothing but quality

All our materials and procedures are carefully selected which secures that every unit can withstand the extreme conditions that sewer cleaners work under every day.


Lot's of storage

No matter the products, attention to details is our mantra. This specific sewer cleaning unit is built with plenty of storage rooms. This enables operators to safely transport and store accessories and gear for a quick setup.


Participate in one of the biggest communities for sewer cleaning units and experience the industry from the first row.

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No matter if you're looking to explore the opportunities with a sewer cleaning unit from Hvidtved Larsen, if you have questions to an invoice or if you're looking for information on accessories, we're happy to help you.

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