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FlexLine® 414 HT

FlexLine 414 HT

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Revolutions per minute are optimized

Revolutions in vacuum and water pump as well as motor are optimized, ensures fuel consumption reductions - in some cases up to 20 percent. This is due to world-class engineering solutions and it ensures the best overall economy for you.


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One man is enough!

This FlexLine® 414 is equipped with remote control, suction cassette with lift, telescope and oscillations, as well as 10 "displays, giving you a graphical overview of the sludge cleaner's productivity. Just to name a few of the user-friendly elements. Together they make work easily and efficiently in everyday life, which means that a sewer cleaner can now be operated by a single operator.


Participate in one of the biggest communities for sewer cleaning units and experience the industry from the first row.

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No matter if you're looking to explore the opportunities with a sewer cleaning unit from Hvidtved Larsen, if you have questions to an invoice or if you're looking for information on accessories, we're happy to help you.

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