CityFlex® series

The efficient alternative to larger units - and a little extra.

JHL Spotbox Cityflex
CityFlex® 204 Classic

With a high legal payload, the jobs are not just solved fast - but also very efficiently

JHL Spotbox Cityflex Vacuum
CityFlex® 204 Comfort

With extra accessories, jobs are solved with no obstacles for traffic nor security

JHL Spotbox Cityflex Vacuum
CityFlex® 204 Premium

With flexibility and premium technology, reach and quality of work is increased

FlexLine® series

Experience the benefits of an all-round unit with high flexibility.

JHL Spotbox Flexline206
Flexline® 206

A combination unit optimized for the city center and other hard to reach locations

JHL Spotbox Flexline312
FlexLine® 312

The market´s most flexible combi unit optimized for both small and big tasks

JHL Spotbox Superflex414
SuperFlex® 414

Experience the many benefits of the market´s most powerful combi unit

RECycler® series

The most efficient water recycling unit with continuous operation.

JHL Spotbox Recycler206
RECycler® 206

Water recycling united optimised for densely populated city sections

JHL Spotbox Recycler312
RECycler® 312

The most flexible recycling unit in the market optimized for any task size

JHL Spotbox Recycler414
RECycler® 414

Great power to solve even the most demanding tasks without a problem

JHL Spotbox Superrecycler414
SuperRECycler® 414

The most flexible recycling unit with extra power for the most demanding tasks

Remote Hose Reel

JHL Spotbox Easement Reel
Remote Hose Reel

Access those hard-to-reach and off-road areas a normal sewer cleaner can't

RECycler 414_WEB_93.jpg


No matter if you're looking to explore the opportunities with a sewer cleaning unit from Hvidtved Larsen, if you have questions to an invoice or if you're looking for information on accessories, we're happy to help you.

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